A Desperate and Deceitful Heart

“Bring my sons from far away, and my daughters from the ends of the earth – everyone who bears my name and is created for my glory. I have formed them; indeed, I have made them…No god was formed before me, and there will be none after me. I – I am the LORD. Besides me, there is no Savior …So you are my witnesses [that] I am God” (Isaiah 43.8-12). 

What or who in my life is competing with God? Do I expect from others what only God is able to do? Do I live for pleasures which come from His hand rather than for Him alone? Idolatry is pernicious. When I am clear-headed and isolated with the LORD, I see how senseless the idols of life are. Nothing and no one can do what only God is able to do for me. I am here to testify to the fact that He is the only true God and there is no other. 

I testify to the fact that my heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. God shows me this on a daily basis as anger, lust, impatience, and many other sins of the flesh and spirit flare up. He shows me this through the fear and anxiety which take root in my heart. When I see what God shows me, I need not become defensive or rationalize away these things. It’s plain and simple as it was with Job: I abhor myself.

However, once I see my vulnerability, weakness, and sinfulness, God’s power and grace come breaking through to me. I testify to seeing the greatness of the Lord Jesus. I see how sufficient He is …how precious He is to me. I see the antithesis of deceitful and desperately wicked. I see the Truth and total righteousness. 

I testify to what God has done for me. I am reborn. I have a new nature that conquers the deceit and wickedness of my heart. But the old nature, even though diminishing and weak, is still with me. If I am consistent in my walk with the Lord, then He produces godly character and integrity in me. No one and nothing else is able to do that. Therefore, I am His witness. He alone is worthy of all my hope and trust.

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