I have worked in the corporate world and as a roofer with my father.  I taught for five years at Heritage Baptist Academy (1991 – 1996). I earned a B.A. degree in Bible with an ancient language minor from Bob Jones University (1996-1999). I returned to Heritage Baptist Ministries and assumed the role of associate pastor and school principal.  While working in that capacity I earned an M.A. degree in Christian studies from Luther Rice Seminary (2008). I became the sole pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in 2010.  I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma (stage four) in that same year.  I have completed treatment for this non-curable but manageable cancer.  I was involved in all areas of the church and school ministry along with my wife, Sue. I have five sons: John, Henry, Walter, William, and Jedidiah. I now live in Swanton, Ohio. I have my own handyman and roofing services company. I attend Bethany Baptist Church in Grand Rapids.

The Oesterwind Family

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Kaci Rigney says:

    Hi Pastor O, Kevin and I went to church Sunday and tonight (Wednesday). Josh did a great job both times, though we missed you. Hope you are having a nice respite in the Lord.
    Looking forward to seeing you again.
    Kaci Rigney

    • joesterwind says:

      Wonderful, Kaci! Hope you will be back soon. My wife, who is rarely sick, began to have difficulty breathing yesterday. She was checked for Covid. Therefore, I have to livestream the sermon from home because we are all under quarantine until the results come back 😦 So, I will miss actually being there today; however, I will be there virtually. Josh will lead the rest of the service live.

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