Israel Needs Jesus

Ah! The roar of many peoples – they roar like the roaring of the seas. The raging of the nations – they rage like the rumble of rushing water. The nations rage like the rumble of a huge torrent. He [the LORD] rebukes them, and they flee far away, driven before the wind like chaff on the hills and like tumbleweeds before a gale. In the evening – sudden terror! Before morning – it is gone! This is the fate of those who plunder us and the lot of those who ravage us” (Isaiah 17.12-14).

Isaiah speaks of many nations raging against Israel in this passage. Certainly, Assyria and Babylon were involved in bringing both the northern and southern kingdoms of Israel into exile. There were also times of deliverance that were quite miraculous. However, Isaiah sees beyond his time to the nations that would ravage Israel throughout the years. 

Israel is not an innocent nation. She has rebelled against God and stands in rebellion against God to this very day. God has judged her and will continue to do so. He will judge her because she has rejected her Messiah. Israel is not a magical talisman. She doesn’t bring good luck to nations that align with her rebellion or evil-doing. 

Israel is a nation that needs to repent. She suffers horrific persecution so that she might turn back to God. She is nation that needs to be evangelized. 

All the promises God made concerning Israel will come to pass. There is coming a day when she will look upon the One she pierced. It is in that day she will saved. In the evening or tribulation of that day there will be sudden terror. When Jesus returns – it is gone! When we pray for the peace of this nation, we are praying that she will be reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ. She needs this reconciliation for hope and comfort. We all do.

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