A Kept Promise

“The LORD will perfect [complete] that which concerns me” (Psalm 138.8a). I cannot help myself; the LORD will help me. I cannot comfort myself; the LORD will comfort me. I cannot bring my plans and aspirations to fruition; therefore, the LORD will perfect that which concerns me. It is a promise good as kept. The promises of God are backed by the honor of His name (v. 2).

I need help but not on my own terms. I need confidence, hope, and strength, but not on my terms. I receive all I need from the LORD but my circumstances may not necessarily change. God doesn’t always change my situation in life. Instead, He changes me to meet each situation. It’s not the way I want it; it’s the way I need it.

The temporal world is a dark valley. The light from above penetrates that dark valley and puts everything in perspective. It gives me an eternal perspective. I must adjust my perspective by cultivating the expectation of God’s activity in my life. I must cling to His promises with an expectation that He will perfect that which concerns me.

I might not expect God to act, but He will.  So, it’s better I expect it and adjust accordingly.  The LORD will regard the lowly; He will know the proud from afar.  These are two eternal and unalterable facts.  It’s true now.  It will be true at the judgment.  God will act.

Those who are lowly will be exalted and reign with Christ forever.  Those who are proud will be separated from God in the Lake of Fire forever.  Sinners who will not be brought low will be be put down for all eternity.  They’ve yearned for independence, and they shall have it.  They have mocked, scorned, and hated righteousness; so, they shall find no mercy.  I must pray that the proud people in my life find this out before it’s too late.  “He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy” (Proverbs 28.13). 

The LORD will perfect that which concerns me. This is a promise good as kept.

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