Music has divided churches today.  It is a very difficult subject because many fail to consider what makes some music good and worthy of expression and what makes some music bad and not fitting for expression at all.  Arrangement and style matter when it comes to dress (orderly, neat, clean, etc.) and they matter when it comes to music as well.  We may disagree on where the line is drawn; however, everyone draws a line.

At the risk of oversimplification, I see two key problems when it comes to music.  First, there is the problem of failing to recognize that music can be sensual and worldly.  Which leads to a corollary problem:  Many Christians do not want to come out from the world and be separate when it comes to music choices.

Many churches will draw lines differently in the area of music.  But church leadership must have an objective way by which they draw the line.  I don’t think we are asking the right questions.  May God grant us wisdom as we consider the future of church music.