Bible Study – 1 Corinthians 8

  1. What is the danger of an expansive intellect without love (8.1-3)?
  2. What is established concerning idols (8.4)?
  3. What is established concerning God (8.4-6)?
  4. What knowledge is not in everyone (8.7)?
  5. When eating meat offered to idols, of what are some conscious (8.7)?
  6. What happens to the weakened conscience of such a person (8.7)?
  7. What cannot commend us to God (8.8)?
  8. If you actually eat meat offered to idols, you are not the ___________.  If you don’t eat meat offered to idols, you are not the ____________.
  9. If you have liberty to eat this meat, should you?  Why or why not? (8.9-13)
  10. What should we do if food offered to idols makes a brother stumble (offend his conscience; 8.13)?

How would you apply your understanding of this chapter of Scripture (consider the audience of this letter and the reason Paul was writing them)?