The Lily of the Valley

“Look at Zion, the city of our festival times. Your eyes will see Jerusalem, a peaceful pasture, a tent that does not wander; its tent pegs will not be pulled up nor any of its cords be loosened. For the majestic one, our LORD, will be there, a place of rivers and broad streams where ships that are rowed will not go, and majestic vessels will not pass. For the LORD is our Judge, the LORD is our Lawgiver, the LORD is our King. He will save us” (Isaiah 33.20-22).

Isaiah 33.22 was often quoted by the Puritans as the basis for an ideal form of government. The Mayflower Compact recognized God as the ultimate authority and not a human king. Therefore, the LORD is the head of the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government. We see this in our own government; however, God is no longer recognized as the ultimate authority in our country today. 

When Jesus sets up His reign in Jerusalem, He will be Judge, Lawgiver, and King. His kingdom begins after He returns in great glory. It continues for 1,000 years, culminates in a final judgment, and then continues throughout eternity. The promises made will be kept, brought to fruition by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Once government no longer recognizes God as the highest authority, everything unravels in society. As our nation faces danger politically and economically, we no longer see the LORD as our salvation. This is why Christians understand the limitations of human government. It will not save us. It cannot defend us. Only God is able to do both. Right now, Jesus is building His church not a nation or a government. His government is yet to come. 

The LORD is our Judge, Lawgiver, and King. The United States will one day go the way of all other nations. It may even be defeated and subdued by another nation. We may suffer with her as individuals. But the LORD is our great protector. The Supreme Court makes poor decisions. Congress passes inane laws. Presidents lack wisdom to lead. But our safety rests not with human government. We rest in quiet confidence as we depend upon our Lord Jesus. 

Puritans named their ship The Mayflowerbecause they were inspired by lily of the valley. Jesus is the Lily of the Valley. As the hymn-writer put it:

The Lily of the Valley- in Him alone I see
All I need to cleanse and make me fully whole.
In sorrow He’s my comfort, in trouble He’s my stay,
He tells me ev’ry care on Him to roll;
He’s the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star,
He’s the greatest of ten thousand to my soul.
– Charles Fry

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