Tethered to the Temporal

“There will be times of security for you – a storehouse of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. The fear of the LORD is Zion’s treasure” (Isaiah 33.6).

Many people know many things. But the skill of taking what is known and forging it into skillful living is wisdom. Edward Young wrote, “Wisdom is the true and correct evaluation of things, whereas knowledge is the true recognition of what things are. [Knowledge] emphasizes the objective, whereas ‘wisdom’ brings to the fore the subjective aspect.” 

Proverbs teaches that the fear of the LORD is the lion’s share of wisdom. The fear of the LORD is an awareness that He is near. He sees me. People who live with an awareness of God’s presence are said to be trusting in the Lord. They are believers because of this conscious awareness. 

Truly divine wisdom expands intellectual capacity. The world considers godly wisdom foolishness, a sign of a weak mind. A man might know more about current events, scientific theory, or economic models. But a person who is granted godly wisdom has more true understanding and lives a far more fulfilling life. The worldly man does not live with eternity in mind. He lives for this present world. He calls evil good and good evil. The wise man is taught by God and keeps an eternal perspective. What God teaches me in Christ is my storehouse of wisdom. Everything else I learn on an earthly level might open temporal doors, but the most important door is eternal. Only God opens that door of wisdom. 

Many times, the intellect is tethered to the temporal. A person becomes so earthly minded (temporal things) that he is no heavenly good (eternal things). A person cannot truly becomes so heavenly minded that he is no earthly good. The more aware one is of heaven and of God’s purposes and plan of redemption, the more useful that person is to the world around him. May God grant us heaven’s perspective as we work and labor to put what we know into practice.

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