Quiet Confidence or the Cacophony of Rebellion

“You will be delivered by returning and resting; your strength will lie in quiet confidence” (Isaiah 30:15). 

Rebellious children are always deviously scheming and planning. The opinions of their friends are more important than the opinions of their parents. They pile sin on top of sin, will not ask their parents for advice, and much less take parental directives. The very people they often value will be the cause of their shame. The people they go to for help can’t help. They are good for nothing but shame and disgrace. Israel was just like rebellious children. “They are a rebellious people deceptive children, children who do not want to listen to the LORD’s instruction” (Isaiah 30.9). 

Rebellion is awful. A rebel wants all authority out of the way. “Rid us of God! Get out of the way” (Isaiah 30.11). But rebels are a high, buckling wall with crumbling gaps of iniquity and sin. Collapse is imminent. Still, the Lord GOD is near offering an invitation to return and find rest. There is quiet confidence instead of the cacophony of rebellion waiting for the rebellious. But all too often, they are not willing. 

What can be done for the rebel? The LORD is waiting to show mercy, rising to show compassion. I find that mercy and compassion day by day. “All who wait patiently for him are happy” (v. 18). The day is coming when Israel’s rebellion will cease. They will listen to their Teacher in that day. Their eyes will see Him. When He commands them, “This is the way. Walk in it” (v. 21), they will follow leaving behind their idolatry and the filthy rags of their sin. “The moonlight will be as bright as the sunlight, and the sunlight will be seven times brighter – like the light of seven days – on the day that the LORD bandages his people’s injuries and heals the wounds he inflicted” (v. 26). 

Father, keep us from rebellion. Thank you for Your new mercies this morning. We return to You. We rest in You. Our strength lies in our quiet confidence in Your sovereign power. We are willing. We are submissive to the Way and ready to walk in it. Lord Jesus, teach us. 

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