Woe to the Crown of Pride

Judah struggled because she trusted in the might of Assyria for safety instead of trusting the LORD. This was especially true during the reign of Ahaz (Isaiah 13-27). We pivot to the reign of the revival king named Hezekiah in Isaiah 28-35. Here, Judah struggles with trusting in Egypt for help due to Assryia’s decline. Will Judah ever trust wholly in the LORD? It doesn’t seem so at this juncture in her history.

There is a great danger facing Judah because her leaders believe that she must do something in addition to trusting in the LORD for deliverance (Isaiah 28-29). That sounds familiar! The leadership believes that Judah should trust in Egypt (Isaiah 30-31). Isaiah calls them to trust in the LORD (Isaiah 32-33). 

Woe to the crown of pride! Woe to both the leaders of the northern and southern kingdoms, namely Israel and Judah. The LORD’s people are staggering and stumbling through history like a drunken man. Israel would not learn from her prophets. She would not rest or trust in the LORD. “This is the rest with which You may cause the weary to rest …This is the refreshing.” But Israel refused to listen (Isaiah 28.12-13). They resist God. God resists the proud and defiant. Woe to those who refuse God’s rest.

Jesus invites the weary and burdened to come to Him. He will give them rest. It is in Christ that the soul finds rest. He humbles those who exalt themselves and exalts those who humble themselves. It was true in Isaiah’s day. It is true today. There is no other rest. There is no other salvation. There is no other deliverance other than that which is offered through Jesus Christ. 

Woe to the majestic crown of pride. Come to the “crown of beauty …a diadem of splendor” (Isaiah 28.5). Heed the warnings within the Word of God. Walk with a spirit of humble adoration before your King today!

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