The Affections of the Heart

My heart cries out over Moab” (Isaiah 15.5a).

One writer aptly summarizes Isaiah’s prophecy concerning the destruction of Moab in chapters 15-16: “There is no other prophecy in the book of Isaiah in which the heart of the prophet is so painfully affected by what the mind sees, and his mouth is obliged to prophesy” (Franz Delitzsch). 

Moab is so shattered that “everyone will wail, weeping bitterly” (15.3). The protectors and soldiers of Moab will come to the end of themselves and see their own lives as burdensome (15.4). God laments, “My heart will cry out for Moab” (15.5). The Moabites sought for refuge in their gods and temples but found none. Nothing stopped Assyria from coming in with great destruction.

God’s heart cries out for His enemies. What is the disposition of our hearts this morning? Do we rejoice over the defeat and destruction of nations and individuals? Do we have a vengeance mindset that is so prevalent in popular media? A believer in Christ takes no pleasure in the death and destruction of wicked people. Rather, our desire is to see people turn to Christ before it’s too late. Father, give us your heart for our enemies today.

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