Reflecting the Wells of Salvation

“You will draw water” (Isaiah 12.3).

Isaiah prophesies that Israel will draw water from the wells of salvation with joy. Then, the nation will declare the Lord’s deeds among the peoples. They experience and then testify. They draw and then reflect to the world the character of God.

Today, I must reflect the character of God. So do you. We come to God to draw because we are needy. We bring nothing and receive that which is incomprehensible, namely reconciliation with our Creator God through the death of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. When I consider the sin that is multiplied over and over again in my life, I see myself as guilty and deserving only God’s indignation and wrath. Instead, I’ve drawn from the wells of salvation and have peace and favor.

God desires that we as believers stir one another up for love and good works.  If we are individual lights, we shine better together.  When people gather with us, they should see that our character as believers reflects the glory of God.  We live to make known the character of our God who sacrificed His only begotten Son for us so that we would not perish but have eternal life – both quality and quantity, both now and forevermore, both condition and destination!

How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation! Our salvation is great because our Savior is great. That God would save any of us is a miracle. That I am saved is utterly amazing. God considered me. God forgave me. God saved me. If you are not grateful for the death of Christ today, you know nothing of God limitless love for you. Draw from the wells of salvation; Reflect the wells of salvation!

Jesus is the chief cornerstone, elect and precious! So many use the name Jesus Christ as a curse word. They don’t understand how precious His name truly is because they have not experienced the grace of God. Jesus Christ is the preoccupation of my soul because He is all the world to me …He is more than a trillion worlds to me. Is this true of you? We say with the psalmist, “All my springs are in you” (Ps 87.7). Draw from the wells of salvation; Reflect the wells of salvation!

Father, let us with joy draw water from the wells of salvation. Let us reflect our position in Christ with our condition in life. All we need is found in Him. You have done excellent things for us. Work powerfully in our midst!

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