In That Day

In that day you will say…” (Isaiah 12.1, 4)

There is Isaiah’s day. Israel must choose to trust in the LORD or be carried away captive by Assyria. There is Jesus’ day. Israel must choose to trust in Jesus as their Messiah or reject Him as an imposter. Then, there is that day. Israel will yet praise the LORD in a future day. The anger and alienation will dissolve and reconciliation and peace will take their place in that day.

The LORD will become Israel’s salvation, strength, and song in that day. It is in that day that Israel will draw from the wells of salvation. Water is a precious commodity in an arid climate like the Middle East. Isaiah uses this imagery to demonstrate the spiritual state of Israel. They are dry and barren. Isaiah prophesies that God will provide wells of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

There was that great day of the feast when Jesus stood and cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water” (John 7.37-38). Nationally, Israel rejected the Lord Jesus in that day. They continue to reject Him in the present day. However, in that future day, Israel will praise the LORD and call upon His name. They will sing to Him and make His character known among the people or nations of the earth. They will tell of the excellent things He has done. Great is the Holy One in their midst! But that day has not come.

God will keep His promises – all of them. He made promises to Israel that He means to keep just as He has made promises to His church that He means to keep. The Root of Jesse (Isaiah 11.10), the Lord Jesus Christ, is a banner to the Gentiles and to the Jews in this present day. But in that day, He is set up as a banner to all nations. The outcasts will be gathered together with the dispersed of Judah. They will come from all four corners of the earth. They will draw from the wells of salvation in that day!

The good news is that believers in Christ continually drink from the wells of salvation TODAY. The wells are open to all nations today. Individuals from all these nations are drinking from these wells. This is cause for joy and singing. We draw from the wells of salvation and reflect those wells to the nations. All of this will culminate in that day!

Opened for me.
Opened for me.
The precious, cleansing fount
Was opened there for me.

Father, may we not take for granted the life giving blood of Jesus Christ today. May we continually long for that day!

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