Cursed Be the Peace-Takers

Do not call everything a conspiracy that they people say is a conspiracy. Do not fear what they fear; do not be terrified. You are to regard only the LORD of Armies as holy. Only he should be feared; only he should be held in awe. He will be a sanctuary; but for the two houses of Israel, he will be a stone to stumble over and a rock to trip over, and a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem” (Isaiah 8.12-14).

People who live a horizontal existence are anxious and afraid. They incite others to be afraid as well. We live in a day of general panic. Even believers participate. Aren’t we needlessly afraid about so many things in this life? It’s as if we keep God in a box during these times. What’s worse is that we lead others to do the same by our negative examples.

We often forget that Isaiah’s promise of a Messiah is intertwined with national panic and insecurity. So, they were called to look to the LORD of Armies who is a sanctuary of peace and stability. “No weapon formed against you will succeed …This is the heritage of the LORD’s servants, and their vindication is from me” (Isaiah 54.17). Indeed, this is the LORD’s declaration in the midst of conspiracy and turmoil. 

Our sanctuary is not a building; our Sanctuary is Jesus Himself. We find our peace and refuge in Christ our Savior. Our life is hid with Him in God. May God strengthen us to be peacemakers instead of peace-takers in our world.

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