The Coming Great Reversal

We live in a world where everyone is pretty arrogant. We think that just because we speak, it will come to pass. We vaunt our words up above the Word of God. But Psalm 75 is a corrective for this kind of thinking. The final word is never with man, especially with those who are wicked. It may seem that the kingdoms of men are victorious in the present darkness, but there is only one Kingdom that truly matters, the Kingdom of God.

Ps 75.2Still, all is not right with our world (Psalm 73). Why does the Lord seem silent and inactive (Psalm 74)? God’s interests in this world are inextricably linked to our own (Psalm 75). God manifests strength through His wonderful works (75.1). He chooses the proper time to judge uprightly (75.2-3). The people should not find security in their prestige or power nor speak with hardened hearts and insolent pride (75.5-6). God is sovereign. Everything and everyone are moving according to the way He wills, as water flows in the creases of His hand (75.7). One day the wicked of the earth will drain the contents of God’s cup of wrath right down to the sediment at the bottom of the cup (75.8). The wicked are cut off, but the righteous are exalted (75.9-10).

Dictators, Islamic radicals, selfish materialists, and warrior tribal leaders continue to ruthlessly abuse the power they are allowed to have in this world. The US, China, the European Union, and Russia all view themselves as world powers. The self-interest of every nation causes each to exert itself arrogantly and dominate others. But Psalm 75 encourages us to look to the One who truly holds power over every nation. God will have the last word when it comes to the kingdoms of this world. All will bow the knee to His King. Remember He will choose the proper time to judge uprightly (75.2).

There is a coming great reversal. God will put down the high, arrogant leaders and exalt the dependent, humble, and lowly ones. Jesus said, “Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted” (Matthew 23.12). The Judge is standing at the door (James 5.9). The cup of God’s wrath and indignation was drained by the Lord Jesus Christ; therefore, believers in His person and work will not be judged for sin. Our cup is the new covenant in the blood of Christ. We drink from this cup and proclaim the death of our Savior for sin until He makes the world right when He comes. All the kingdoms of this world must bow the knee to Him. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

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