Soft with Showers

God answers my prayers. He is merciful to me as I truly depend upon Him. Iniquities prevail against me, but God provided atonement for those iniquities. I praise God that my sins are gone. Psalm 65 is evidence of God’s mercy and goodness in providing good things for me. Certainly I do not deserve them, but that’s what makes it grace. God sees beforehand. He knows what I need and daily provides. Sometimes His provision unfolds in expected ways; often in unexpected ways. It is always “soft with showers” (Psalm 65.10).

You make the wilderness to bloom and in the desert sand,

Provide the gentle, soaking rain, refreshing thirsty land.

You send the warming of the sun, the fragile snowflake too.

We bow in gratitude, O Lord, there is none like You.

-Craig Courtney

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