Who Are You Waiting For?

David asks for nothing in Psalm 62. He found encouragement and strength in his relationship with God; therefore, he verbalizes it. It is truly a mistake to think that prayer is only asking. I’ve often said that prayer is asking, but asking is not prayer. Prayer will include talking to God about how satisfied we are in Him. Prayer will also include waiting. Failing to wait upon God in prayer reminds me of when I was a naughty child running up to doors, ringing the doorbells, and running away. A lot of praying is knocking quickly upon Heaven’s gate and not waiting expectantly for the gate to open!

David writes, “Truly my soul silently waits for God” (Psalm 62.1a). He found that men of both low and high degree were a lie …lighter than vapor (62.9). The power, corruption, and wealth of men will not provide us with the confidence we need (62.10). “Power belongs to God” (62.11). This is why David waited “silently for God alone” (62.5). His expectation was only from God. Under each circumstance of life, David knew that God was not only able but willing to deliver him out of his troubles. Not only this, but David knew that God promised to do so. God was his rock and refuge (62.7). David well-understood an important truth: Leave the when and how to God, and wait on Him alone!

Charles Spurgeon wrote, “We shall not grow weary of waiting upon God if we remember how long and how graciously he once waited for us.”

William Borden of Yale once wrote, “I have only missed my morning watch once or twice this term… I can easily believe that it is next in importance to accepting Christ. For I know that when I don’t wait upon God in prayer and Bible study, things go wrong.”


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