Praying Psalm 28

psalm-28LORD, I call to You as my strength.  Please listen to me.  If I go away from our time together, and You remain silent, I just won’t be able to go on.  Hear my cry for help.  My hands are lifted expectantly …to receive what You have promised.  I am tired and riddled with headaches …burdened with the cares and concerns of my family and my church.

Please don’t lump us in with everyone else who follows evil and the evil one.  They say one thing but mean another.  You will reward them per their evil deeds as You see fit.  You will repay them what is right in Your eyes.  They don’t care about what You do or how You are working.  You will certainly destroy all they build.  It surely won’t last or be rebuilt.  But I care about what You do and who You are.  I want to see You work in and through me to encourage and fortify others and so that You might have mercy and compassion on these who do not know what they are doing.

You are a good and gracious God because You hear my voice when I lift it up to You.  You are my defender.  You are the source of my strength.  I trust You and receive help.  This brings me great joy.  I sing to you hymns of praise and adoration.  Give others this joy as they express their need in prayer, see You answer, and thank You for it.

You are my strength and refuge.  Just as You endued Your Chosen One with deliverance and resurrection, even so deliver us since we are in Him.  We look to His return expectantly.  Come and save us from the presence of sin.  Bless those with the inheritance You promised.  Lead us and carry us always.

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