Wonderful Wednesdays

Today I taught young people in two separate chapels (K-6 and 7-12) to study God’s word for themselves (Hebrews 5.11-14).  Then I taught a Bible class for 6th graders.  I shared with them that God keeps His promises (Genesis 8-9).  Then I went to a retirement home and taught the elderly that in the multitude of their anxieties, the Lord would bring them comforts (Psalm 94.19).  Interestingly, an elderly lady that has been studying the Bible for over 50 years had studied Psalm 94 before I arrived.  We are going through the Psalms.  She found 12 things men do to cause anxiety and 10 comforts God gives to quell it.  All from within this Psalm.  I gave the proposition and she filled in the main points!  Tonight I will preach on Psalm 97.11 and pray with our church.  The topic tonight centers on the blessings of those who walk uprightly.  This is what Wednesdays are like for me.  What a wonderful Wednesday!  What a wonderful life!

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