Believes All Things

“Love ….believes all things” (1 Corinthians 13.7).

Is love gullible?  Is it deluded when it comes to the true nature of mankind?  Is this what Scripture means when we are told love believes all things?  No, but love is eager to believe the best about people and put the most favorable spin upon motives and actions which seem questionable.

Love is not naive.  Believing all things does not equate with playing the part of a fool.  It does not mean that we should believe the world is flat, black is white, or 2 + 2 = 5.  Love believes all things in the sense that we give people the benefit of the doubt.  When we doubt, love necessitates that we do not make judgments hastily.

We are often too quick to believe all the things people say about others.  Instead of believing the best about a person, we assume the worst.  Love does not ask us to trust when the basis for that trust has been destroyed.  Yet love gives the benefit of the doubt when doubt exists.  Love trusts in the good intentions of other people as much as possible.

As a Christian, we have a social responsibility to inject hope into a sad, dejected, and increasingly jaded society.  We must not lose faith or hope when it comes to what the Lord Jesus Christ can and will do in the lives of the people for whom we pray.  There truly is no hopeless case in our midst.  There are not limitations to the love of God and no limitations to the love of His children.  Be confident in God who changes people.

Love believes all things.  It retains faith in God who can change the vilest sinner.  Refuse to take failure as final.  Pray for and love those cast away by the world and unfortunately cast away by many Christians.  Love believes all things.

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